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Anything Ghost #237
Old Lyme, Connecticut Ghost Story, Old Mexican Pueblo Entity, New Friend, the Lady in Black and Much More!

  1. Lauren (Boston, Massachusetts) – Old Lyme, Connecticut Ghost Story
  2. Anna (Colgate, Wisconsin) – Shadow in the Night
  3. Virginia (Myakka City, Florida) – Sleeping Dog
  4. Hannah (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Not My Dad
  5. Macy (Texas, U.S.) – Babysitting Ghost
  6. Christine (U.S.) – Doorways
  7. Matt (Illinois, U.S.) – The Uninvited Roommate
    Song Breakby Lex Wahl
  8. Lizzie (North Carolina, US) – The Boy in the Attic
  9. Sophia (Chicago, Illinois) – Alice
  10. Tom (Berlin, Germany) – Sleep Paralysis or OBE?
  11. Marea (West Hollywood, California) – Black Cloak Woman
  12. Mark (Whittier, California) – Old Mexican Pueblo Entity
  13. Erin (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) – Haunted 1920’s Bungalow
  14. Nathan (New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) – The Lady in Black
  15. Debbie (U.S.) – New Friend

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