Anything Ghost Show #236<---link

Anything Ghost #236
Shadow Person at UC Santa Barbara, Experience at Pattee Library at Penn State, the Haunted Old Mill Bakery, and Much More!!

  1. Chris (Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania) – Noises in the Closet
  2. Jackie (California, U.S.) – Haunted Shrine and Shadow Person at UC Santa Barbara
  3. Max (Manchester , England) – The Open Door
  4. Susu (Baltimore, Maryland) – “Are You Having a Nightmare?” and The Old Farm House
  5. Jeffrey (Pennsylvania, U.S.) – The Stacks Area of the Pattee Library at Penn State
  6. Park (Saint Paul, Minnesota) – The Haunted Cat Statue
  7. Jolie (US) – The Cat Came Back
  8. Tara (Salt Lake City, Utah) – B&B Ghost
  9. Chris (Hamburg, New York) – Hide and Seek Ghost
  10. Hanna (West Michigan, US) – Old Michigan Home
  11. Cyndy (Ottawa, Canada) – The Screaming Ghost
  12. Paulina (Sweden) – The Blacksmith’s Wife
  13. Michelle (New York, US) – The Haunted Old Mill Bakery

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