Anything Ghost Show #236 (link)

Anything Ghost #236 Shadow Person at UC Santa Barbara, Experience at Pattee Library at Penn State, the Haunted Old Mill Bakery, and Much More!! Chris (Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania) – Noises in the Closet Jackie (California, U.S.) – Haunted Shrine and Shadow Person at UC Santa Barbara Max (Manchester , England) – The Open Door Susu […]

Anything Ghost Show #235 (link)

Anything Ghost #235 Shadow Boy, Sink Full of Glass, Oregon, Illinois Summer Camp, the Early Christmas Gift and the Last Goodbye and Much More!! Saga (Sweden) – The Early Christmas Gift and The Last Goodbye Julie (Tennessee, US) – Shadow Boy Jaelly (Ogden, Utah) – Her Name was Ella Evan (U.S.) – Ghost Dog at […]

Anything Ghost Show #234 (link)

Anything Ghost #234 Rebecca’s Ghost, Emily’s Ghost, Haunted Hollywood Hills, Curious Incidents on Lathrop Street and Much More! Thom and Zuzana (Columbus, Ohio) – Curious Incidents on Lathrop Street
 Scott (Texas, US) – Haunted Hollywood Hills and My Passenger
 Liz (Melbourne, Australia) – A Visit from Grand Dad and the Haunted Door Knob
 David (San […]

Anything Ghost Show #233 (link)

Anything Ghost #233 A Haunting at Portchester Castle, Encounters with Slender Man?, the Simon Zoo, Haunted College Duplex and Much More! Justin (St. Louis, Missouri) – Office Haunting Bill (Louisville, Kentucky) – Burning House Sara (Dallas, Texas) – Encounters with Slender Man David (New Jersey, U.S.) – Cigarette Smoke Kate (New Hampshire, U.S.) – The […]

Anything Ghost Show #232 (link)

Anything Ghost #232 The Hooded Apparition Episode: several stories about hooded shadows or apparitions…and other ghostly stories! Kevin (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – The Woman in a Black Dress and a Black Bonnet Elizabeth (Lincoln, California) – Family Clock Michelle (North Carolina, US) – Mrs. Johnson’s Farmhouse Greg (Michigan, U.S.) – Stranger at the Strater Marsha (US) […]

Anything Ghost Show #231 (link)

Anything Ghost #231 Forest Spirits, Filming Location Ghosts, the Little Boy in Gray, and Much More! Nissim (New Delhi, India) – Forest Spirits Dixon (Arlington, Virginia) – Motherly Shadow Figure Marissa  (Queens, New York) – Filming Location Ghosts Jessica (Midlothian, Virginia) – The Mysterious Writer Zoe (California, US) – The Little Boy in Gray Ariane […]

Anything Ghost Show #230 (Halloween Leftovers) – (link)

Ghost Experience from Malta, The Stretching Shadow Person, Hong Kong Immigrants’ Paranormal Experiences and Much More! Jay (Malta) – Ghost Experience from Malta Alana (Wisconsin) – Ghost Dog Amy (Indiana, U.S.) – Now Hear This Ling (US) – Hong Kong Immigrants Paranormal Experiences Lora (Boise, Idaho) – Victorian Home Jasmine (US) – Dinner Darian (US) […]

Anything Ghost Show #228 (link)

The Boy in the Cemetery, A Trucker Ghost Story, Haunted Rooftop, House of Horrors, and Much More! Show List for #228:   Aimee (British Columbia Canada) – Ghost Deer and The Haunted Cabinet Denise (North Carolina, US) – The Marshall House Andrea (Massachusetts, US) – Growing Up in a Haunted House Doug (US) – Haunted Farmhouse […]

Anything Ghost Show #227 (link)

The Marshall House in Savannah Georgia, A Haunted Richmond Virginia Apartment, The Girl in the Basement, She Liked My Daughter’s Toys, and Much More! Show List for #227:   Charlie (Arizona, US) – Ghost in the Aquatic Center Scott (Killeen, TX) – Battlefield Ghost Juliana (Georgia, US) – The Girl’s Head Catie (Atlanta, Georgia) – Grandfather’s […]