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Anything Ghost Show #253December 25, 2018 Mike (South Carolina) – Snapping in the Night Oliver (St. Petersburg, Florida) – Electric Spirit Cheyenne (San Antonio, Texas) – Tiffany Ann (NJ, US) – Thank You Very Much! Anna (Midwest, U.S.) – Haunted Institution Candice (Perth, Australia) – Aunt’s SpiritSong Break: I Saw Three Ghost Ships (on Christmas […]

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Anything Ghost Show #252 November 28, 2018 Beth (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – Dancing with Grandpa Nicole (Morgantown, Pennsylvania) – The Honey Brook House Edwina (US) – Dad Lynne (Washington, US) – There’s Something in the Attic Christine (Rye, New York) – Love Lost Sundowner by Lex Wahl Maria and Brother (Rio Grande, Texas) – From Episode […]

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Anything Ghost Show #251 (part 1) October  21, 2018 John (Chicago, Illinois) – Dad’s Halloween House Kris (Washington, US) – Haunted Pizzeria Ben (Wilmington, NC) – A Porthole in Our Home Alana (US) – Children’s Cemetery Story Christian (Donna, Texas) – Haunted Texas Home Angelica (Denver, Colorado) – Grandpa’s Ghost Christine (U.S. ) – Scary […]

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Anything Ghost Show #251 (part 2) October  21, 2018 21. Leslie (Eastpointe, Michigan) – The Thing in the Window 22. Sarah (North Carolina, US) – Haunted High School Theater 23. Dianne (Southern California) – Joshua Tree Halloween 24. Susan (Indiana, US) – Childhood Haunted House 25. Don (Atlanta Georgia) – Sister’s Ghost in Dublin, Ireland […]

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Anything Ghost Show #250 September 30, 2018 Autumn (Wilson, New York) – Old Brick Building Where I Work Gemma (Manchester, England) – Harry Did It Heather (Edmonton) – Sproule Bed and Breakfast Movie Trailer: The Haunted (1963) Diana (Frisco, Texas) – Pet Sitter Experience Emily (Missouri) – Unwanted Guest Precious (Philippines) – Stop! Emily (Middleburg, […]

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Anything Ghost Show #249 August 28, 2018 Daniel (New York, U.S.) – Haunted Home in Lima, New York Alana (Wisconsin, U.S.) – Special Gifts Annie (Northern California) – Ghost Under the Bed Max (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – Hooded Shadow Figure Jeff (Plano, Texas) – EVP Sharon (Australia) – Go to Your Mother, She’s Crying Sammi (Spring […]

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Anything Ghost Show #248 July 22, 2018 Diana (Frisco, Texas) – Pet Sitting Haunts Dawn (Lawrenceville, Georgia) – Is Something Following Me? Cas (U.K.) – Little Girl at the Top of the Stairs Danny (U.K.) – The Maid at Christchurch Mansion in Suffolk, U.K. Link to mentioned URL Christine (New York, U.S.) – Pine Ridge […]

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Anything Ghost Show #247 June 1, 2018 Naomi (U.S.) – Queen Mary Ghost Followed Me Home Kensi (Florida) – Haunted Florida Home (Kensi’s YouTube channel) Miguel (El Paso, Texas) – Scary Voice in My Earphones Amanda (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) – Shadow People in the Bedroom Jolie and Jack (Seattle Washington) – Coming of Age Ghost Story […]

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Anything Ghost Show #246 May 1, 2018 Cassandra (U.S) – Baltimore Home Jose (Washington, U.S.) – Devoured by Flies Alan (California, US) – The Field J.J. (Los Angeles, California) – Message from Beyond the Grave Some were unable to understand the FaceBook message as I read it (here it is with the misspelled “burrito” and […]

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Anything Ghost Show #245

Anything Ghost #245 Mar. 17, 2018 Marlene (Laguna Beach, California) – Pet Visits Sydelle (California, US) – The Drowning Premonition, and the Girl Entity Rodd (Los Angeles, California) – Ghost at Hollywood Forever Cemetery Maureen (San Antonio, Texas) – Shadow Ghost Alejandro (Bronx, New York) – The Panicked Man at Van Cortlandt Park Grace (Kentucky, […]