Anything Ghost Show #242

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Content for #242: Alex, Chloe, Grace and Leighton (Stoke-on-Trent, England) – The Flat that Could Not Be Found Cecilia (Texas, U.S.) – Humane Society Ghost Lea (Seattle, Washington) – Discovery Park Ghost in Seattle Leah (Salt Lake City, Utah) – The Wisp in the Westin Cruz (New Mexico, U.S.) – Little Boy Ghost Georgia (Canada) […]

Anything Ghost Show #241 Part One (link)

Content for #241 (Part One): Andy (Toronto, Ontario) – The Poltergeist on Cartwright Street Eliseo (San Antonio, Texas) – The Incorporeal Wagon & Other Strange Happenings > Greeting: Heidi-Juan (Denver, Colorado) Martha (Arizona, U.S.) – The Digging Witch in Yuma, Arizona Roger (Alberta, Canada) – Black Cat Ghost Greg (Connecticut, U.S.) – The Abandoned House […]

Anything Ghost Show #241 Part Two (link)

Content for #241 (Part Two): 18. Mike (Lincoln, Nebraska) – The House Across the Street > Greeting: Eathan, Christian, Jakoiya, Jamal (Oklahoma, US) 19. Mia (U.S.) – The Old Haunted Museum 20. Danny (California, U.S.) – Noises at My Aunt’s Home in Mexico 21. Troy (Seattle, Washington) – Great Aunt Rachael’s Kentucky Ghosts 22. Celso […]

Anything Ghost Show #240 (link)

Content for #240: Alex (Colorado, U.S.) – Pawtucket, Rhode Island Haunted House Paula (U.S.) – Visits from a Ghost Girl Christian (U.S.) – Grandma’s Spirit Robert (Las Vegas, Nevada) – The Witch Ghost Song Break: Sundowner by Lex Wahl Jenny (Los Angeles, California) – The Pacing Ghost Devon (Carlisle, Pennsylvania) – Noises in the Kitchen […]

Anything Ghost Show #239 (link)

Anything Ghost #239 Something in the Closet, Elevator Boy, Haunted House in Venezuela, a Haunted Truck and Much More. Kimberly (U.S.) – Grandparent’s Haunted House Jordan (Ontario, Canada) – Something in the Closet Jose (U.S.) – Haunted Costa Rica Sid (Tacoma, Washington) – Elevator Boy Taylor (North Carolina, U.S.) – Baby Senses Maria (The Hague, […]

Anything Ghost Show #238 (link)

Anything Ghost #238 The Burned Boy at a G.I. House, a Haunted Kansas Townhouse, Haunted Abbey Wood House, a Sunderland Ghost, and Much More! Leta (Greenville, Tennessee) – The Burned Boy at a GI House Amberly (Topeka, Kansas) – Haunted Kansas Townhouse Clementine (Tucson, Arizona) – Body Sitting in the Chair Grace (Yardley, Pennsylvania) – […]

Anything Ghost Show #237 (link)

Anything Ghost #237 Old Lyme, Connecticut Ghost Story, Old Mexican Pueblo Entity, New Friend, the Lady in Black and Much More! Lauren (Boston, Massachusetts) – Old Lyme, Connecticut Ghost Story Anna (Colgate, Wisconsin) – Shadow in the Night Virginia (Myakka City, Florida) – Sleeping Dog Hannah (Mequon, Wisconsin) – Not My Dad Macy (Texas, U.S.) […]

Anything Ghost Show #236 (link)

Anything Ghost #236 Shadow Person at UC Santa Barbara, Experience at Pattee Library at Penn State, the Haunted Old Mill Bakery, and Much More!! Chris (Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania) – Noises in the Closet Jackie (California, U.S.) – Haunted Shrine and Shadow Person at UC Santa Barbara Max (Manchester , England) – The Open Door Susu […]

Anything Ghost Show #235 (link)

Anything Ghost #235 Shadow Boy, Sink Full of Glass, Oregon, Illinois Summer Camp, the Early Christmas Gift and the Last Goodbye and Much More!! Saga (Sweden) – The Early Christmas Gift and The Last Goodbye Julie (Tennessee, US) – Shadow Boy Jaelly (Ogden, Utah) – Her Name was Ella Evan (U.S.) – Ghost Dog at […]

Anything Ghost Show #234 (link)

Anything Ghost #234 Rebecca’s Ghost, Emily’s Ghost, Haunted Hollywood Hills, Curious Incidents on Lathrop Street and Much More! Thom and Zuzana (Columbus, Ohio) – Curious Incidents on Lathrop Street
 Scott (Texas, US) – Haunted Hollywood Hills and My Passenger
 Liz (Melbourne, Australia) – A Visit from Grand Dad and the Haunted Door Knob
 David (San […]