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Anything Ghost Show #287 – A Haunted House in Brooklyn, Residual Ghosts in Florida, and Other True Stories!<--Listen!

episode 287 artwork with a 19 century illustration of sleep paralysis

David (Missouri, US) – Hands Across the Walls Signe (US) – The Tapping Ghost and Footsteps Upstairs The Killingworth’s Haunted House (1886) A Haunted House in Brooklyn, New York (1878) A Haunted House in Scarborough, Maine (1875) A Haunted House in Arcueil, France (1894)Email: from Erin and Marlene Alicia (Kentwood, Michigan) – Residual Ghosts on […]

Anything Ghost #286 – The 15th Annual 2021 Mega-Macabre Halloween Special – True Stories from Around the World!<---listen

2021 Anything Ghost Halloween image

Heather (Wichita, Kansas) – Roxie the Ghost Deana (Nevada, US) – Angry Ghost On the Porch Christian (Chapa, Texas) – West Texas Shadows Erin (Virginia, US) – Haunted North Virginia Home Nate (US) – Antique Iris Lamp Cat (Mexico) – Art Museum Ghost Olivia (Palm Springs, California) – The Haunted Desert Home Andrea (Virginia, US) […]

Anything Ghost Show #285 – The Aristocrat of the Edinburgh Vaults, The Little Burned Boy at the G.I. House and Other True Stories.<---listen

1. Jessie (Canada) – Our Ghosts and Haunted Homes2. Mario (South Texas, US) – Insidious3. Pete (West Michigan, US) – Abnormal Working Hours4. Christina (Santa Rosa County, Florida) – Haunted House StoriesSong Break: This Sadness Will Last Forever5. Cass (Salt Lake City, Utah) – The Aristocrat of the Edinburgh Vaults6. Archive – The Little Burned […]

Anything Ghost Show #284 – Sister on the Ceiling, Haunted House in Poplar Bluff, The Moaning Man and Other True Stories.<---listen

Jennifer (Missouri City, Texas) – My Haunted House in Poplar Bluff, Missouri Mario (South Texas, US) – Bed Specter Mario (South Texas, US) – Hat Man Jennifer (Missouri City, Texas) – My GrandmotherEmail and Messages Christina (Onslow County, North Carolina) – The Moaning ManSong Break: But No One Was There Kara (Los Angeles, California) – […]

Anything Ghost Show #283 – A Russian Ghost, A Haunted House in the UK from 1882, Coming Face to Face With a Ghost, and Other True Stories!<---listen

A Haunted House in the UK (1882-1886) A Russian Ghost (1884) Email:– Teddy (Tennessee, US)– Jody (North Carolina)– Christina (US) Mike (US) – Haunted Apartment Coming Face to Face with a Ghost (UK, 1868) Mother’s Troubled Ghost (UK, 1874) The Hand of a Ghost Christina (US) – Shadow Figures Loraine (Buffalo, New York) – Stories […]