Anything Ghost Show #213

2015 Anything Ghost Mega-Macabre Halloween Special, Part One…A Ghost Among the Zombies, You Brought Your Ghost into Work with You Today, The Ghost Hunter and much more!

Show List for #213:   

Chased Through Time by Robin (U.K.)

Illustration by Robin (U.K.) sent along with his story “Chased Through Time”

1. Katie (St Louis, Missouri) – You Brought Your Ghost into Work with You Today
2. Sarah (Calgary, Canada) – Cousin’s Ghost
3. Tom (Netherlands) – Three Ghost Stories
4. Geoff (Tucker, GA, USA) – The Ghost Hunter
5. Madina  (Nazran, Ingushetia, Russia) – The Ugly Spirit
6. Will (US) – Experiences on  Grandpa’s Virginia Property
7. Heder (Chicago, Illionois)  – Chicago Ghost Story
8. Armando (California, US) – Four Ghost Stories
9. Jill (Chicago, Illinois) – The View Out Back
10. Emma (Plymouth, UK) – A Haunted Lane
11. Sandra /Sharon (California, US) – The Patron Saint of Cats Statue
12. A.T Lecy  (Champlin, Minnesota) – Shadow Figure
13. Char (U.S.)  – Weird Stuff at Grandma’s House
14. Robin (U.K.) – Chased Through Time
15. Alex (California, U.S.) – Mother’s and Father’s Experiences
16. Spencer (U.S.) – Dracula
17. Mike (Liverpool in England) – A Ghost Among the Zombies
– A Fireside Chat
18. Kelsey (Hebron, Illinois) – Hotel Experiences

Link List for #212:

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