Anything Ghost Show #221

The Ghost Under the Stairs, Navajo Skinwalker of Hog Hollow Farm, Hospital Ghost, The Little Girl in the Hall and much more!!

Show List for #221:  

1. Yvonne (England) – The Ghost Under the Stairs and Other Experiences
2. Emily (North East of England) – Hospital Ghost
3. Emily (New Jersey, US) – Deedee and Sarah
4. Tallulah (U.S.) – Grandmother’s Bag
5. Lisa (Los Angeles, CA) – The Mirror People
6. Andrea (Tennessee, US) – Navajo Skinwalker of Hog Hollow Farm
7. Steph (London, UK) – Strange Voicemail
8. Joseph (US) – Job Accident
Lex Wahl Song: March of the Hooded Shadows
9. Ellen (Kentucky, U.S.) – The Little Girl in the Hall and Other Stories
10. Trish (London, UK) – Bedtime Story
11. Tommy (U.S.) – The Shadow in the Garage
12. Keith (Derry, New Hampshire) – Something Woke Me Up that Night
13. Liz (California, US) – The Girl Downstairs and the Visitor
14. Tracey (Mountain Grove, Missouri) –The House with the Girl and Her Ball,
the Funeral Parlor Home, and Grandparent’s Home.

Link List for #221

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