Anything Ghost Show #223

The Devil Dog of New Zealand, Hallowed Halls, A Haunted Paris, France Apartment, Another Sleep N’ Snore Ernie Story, and Much More!

Show List for #223:  

  1. Lindsey (Kansas, U.S.) – The Haunted House on Fern
  2. Victoria (New Zealand) – Devil Dog of New Zealand
  3. Naomi (El Monte, California) – The Doorknob Jiggler
  4. Zitlali (Dallas Fort Worth, Texas) – An Unsettling Morning at Denny’s
  5. Ariane (Barrington, New Hampshire) – A Presence In My Room
  6. Sarah (County Durham, U.K.) – Stories of My Grandma
  7. Kayle (Versailles, France) – Percy
  8. Liz  (Glen Cove, New York) – “I am the Boogie Man”
  9. Amber (Alabama, U.S.) – Hallowed Halls
  10. Eileen (Indiana, U.S.) – Binky The Owl and Dragonflies in my Life
    As Autumn Falls – by Lex Wahl
  11. Joseph (El Monte, California) – The Abandoned House up the Old Dirt Road
  12. Angela – (Kansas City, Missouri)- The Shadow Man With Red Eyes
  13. Sandi (Stauffer, Alberta, Canada) – Sleep and Snore Ernie
  14. Maggie (Rochester, New York) – Philadelphia Haunting
  15. Sara (Apex, North Carolina) – The Gift of Cows
  16. Robb (U.K.) – Old Village Manor House
  17. Juliette (Paris, France) – A Haunted Paris, France Apartment


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