Anything Ghost Show #226

The Hat Man, the Sand Dog, Stage Coach Ghost, a Story from Sweden: She Followed Us Down from the Attic, and Much More!

Show List for #226:  

  1. Jake (Aberdeen, Scotland) – Haunted Rehearsals Story
  2. Dixon (Arlington, Virginia) –  “What’s Wrong with That Man?”
  3. Jennifer (US) – The Goodnight Ghost
  4. Justin (Barnhart, Missouri) – Horror Movie Icons
  5. Coco (Korea) – Ghost Stories from My Family
  6. Rob (Wiltshire, England) – Sharing Dreams
  7. Greg (Wasco, California) – Sand Dog
  8. Jonah (Bronx, New York) – Haitian Spirit
  9. Scott (North Carolina) – Stage Coach Ghost
  10. Sergio (Medellin, Colombia, South America) – The Country House
  11. Music Break: As Autumn Falls – Lex Wahl
  12. Sophia (St. Petersburg, Russia) – A Friendly Ghost
  13. Rose (U.S.) – Waldo the High School Theater Ghost, In My Junior Year
  14. Claudia (UK) – Family Contact After Death
  15. Alana (Wisconsin, US) – Through the Little Boy’s Eyes
  16. Douglas (Maryland, US) – The Creepy Reflection
  17. Su (New Jersey, US) – Old Lady In The Basement
  18. Cassandra (Dallas, Texas) – The Ghost at the New Orleans Plantation Home
  19. Kristen (Georgia, US) – Someone’s Whispering in My Ear
  20. Kyle (US) – The Hat Man
  21. Marié (Sweden) – She Followed Us Down from the Attic

Links from episode #226:

  1. The Anything Ghost VIP Ghroup:
    A $20 or more donation, will gain you access to the complete archives of Anything Ghost—dating back to that first night in 2006. Plus other features such as an early release of each new episode of Anything Ghost.
  2. As Autumn Falls – Lex Wahl

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