Anything Ghost Show #257 <---Listen

Anything Ghost Show #257

It all begins with a cameo intro by renowned horror film actress, Brinke Stevens.

1. Amanda (Thomasville, North Carolina) – The Ghosts in Our Home
2. Alana (Wisconsin, U.S.) – Grandpa’s Ghost
3. Amanda (U.S.) – Lucid Dream Warning
4. Diana (Frisco, Texas) – A Darkness in Our Colorado House
5. Vaughnelle (Niobrara, Nebraska) – Lady in White Ghost
6. Carm (Los Angeles, California) – Alexandria Hotel’s Lady in Black
7. Rodd (Los Angeles, California) – Queen Mary Halloween Ghost
8. Pauly (Costa Mesa, California) – Ghost Light Road: an Urban Legend Experiment
9. Jon (Tazewell, Virginia) – Haunted Chapel
10. Andrea (Tennessee, US) – Hog Hollow Farm from Episode #221
11. Andrea (Tennessee, US) – Hog Hollow Farm Revisited

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