Anything Ghost Show #273 (Part One): The 2020 Mega-Macabre Halloween Special<---listen

2020 Halloween Episode part one image

  1. AJ (U.S.)
    Ledgeview, My Haunted Childhood Home
  2. Arcadia, Ohio
    Railroad Conductor Ghost (1890)
    > HelloMerilee & Irin (San Antonio, Texas)
  3. Ann (New Jersey, US)
    Haunted Museums
  4. Angelia (Esparto, California)
    Haunted House in Esparto, California
    > HelloNeil and Nicola (Blackpool, England)
  5. Erica (US)
    Haunted Basement in a New York Building
  6. TJ (Oregon, US)
    Restaurant Ghosts
    > HelloSarah (Toronto, Canada)
  7. Denyse (Virginia, US)
    Haunted House in Mundelein, Illinois
    > HelloRebecca (Waco, Texas)
  8. Katie (US)
    The Contorting Shadow Man and the Old Lady
  9. David (New Jersey, US)
    Haunted Bernardsville Library
    > HelloShelly (US)
  10. New York
    The Boarding House Ghost (1909)
    > HelloSu (US)
  11. Lucy (UK)
    Paranormal Experiences in an Old Manor House in England
    > HelloGreg (Muskogee, Oklahoma)
  12. Brandi (California, US)
    It Happens at Grandma’s House
  13. Chautauqua, Kansas
    Mrs. Winser’s Ghost at the Hardrock Cemetery (urban legend from 1902)

End of Part One 28 – Please see Part Two of the Anything Ghost 2020 Mega-Macabre Halloween Special

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