Anything Ghost Show #275 More True Ghost Stories from the U.K. and U.S.<---listen

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  1. Jay (York, England) – House Ghost
  2. Helen (Hertfordshire, UK) – Knocks on a Boarded up Fireplace
  3. Nate (Ohio, US) – A Dark, Cold, Creepy Cellar
  4. Timothy (Pembroke Pines, Florida) – A Vision from the Past
  5. Jacqueline (California, US) – Teenage Girl Spirit
  6. Andrea (Tennessee, US) – I Met My Dads Dead Aunt
  7. Amy (Washington, US) – Manresa Castle
  8. Will (Virginia, US) – Ghostly Footfalls
  9. Ghost of a Murdered Woman Haunts the House in the HollowDickson, Tennessee (1906)

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