Anything Ghost Show #276 – The Fifteenth Anniversary – Ghosts in Gettysburg, Possessed Necklace, Haunted Theater in London and More True Stories!<---listen

Anything Ghost #276

  1. Bob (Maine, US) – Footsteps On the Staircase
  2. Pamela (Pennsylvania, US) – Ghosts in Gettysburg
  3. Tristen (Texas, US) – Possessed Necklace
  4. Sophie (Texas, US) – The Ghost House in Freeport, Texas
  5. Jessie (Canada) – George and Other Ghosts in My Room
  6. Alison (Ohio, US) – Country Ghost
    Song: Winter’s Night Danse-Macabre – by Lex Wahl
  7. Ghosts of Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in London
  8. Anything Ghost Show #001

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