Contact /Share a Story

There are two options when sharing an experience (ghost story):

  • Text Format – Lex Wahl will read it:
    Fill out the form with your story, then submit it (no text limit).


  • Record Yourself
    Record your story, then fill out the form and upload your file.

Note: All stories are subject to edits.


Privacy Statement: All personal data and information shared with (the Anything Ghost Show) will remain private (between you and Lex Wahl) and will not be used in any manner, except if Lex Wahl needs to contact you regarding the story you shared on Anything Ghost (contact will always only be Lex Wahl). Note: the first name and location you enter in the Contact /Send a Story form, will be shared when the story is read on the Anything Ghost Show; if you wish to be anonymous, please note that you wish to be anonymous along with your story /message, and a fictional name /location will be created for you (or you can supply one of your own liking).