Robert The Doll – The Evil Inside

May 6, 2015

Robert The Doll (video at links below)

I’ve read a few stories about dolls that creep me out, and this one is no exception on the creep factor. Robert The doll was created sometime around the late 1800’s by a Haitian maid who practiced black magic; she was also one of the caretakers for the family Otto family residence in Key West Florida.

The Otto family was a very stern, conservative, wealthy family,  so anything that was different wasn’t taken lightly. They’re hired people were of  Haitian and Jamaican decent. So their beliefs and the Otto families beliefs conflicted on certain occasions.

One such occasion was when they  found the maid practicing black magic, she was fired on the spot, but not before she gave the young son Robert a doll by the name of ….. Robert the doll.

The doll and young boy became very good friends, well at least that what seemed to be happening, but then things started taking a strange twist.

The doll was obviously haunted or possessed with something, but no one believed the young boy. Everything that would happen was the boys fault; I mean who would really believe that a doll was doing bad things?

The strange stuff didn’t stop there…

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