Video: Ghost Wandering Through 250-Year-Old Church

April 16, 2015

Spooky Footage Reveals GHOST Wandering Through 250-Year-Old Former Church

Ghost busters have been called in to rid the building, now the Get Baked restaurant in Leeds, of eerie squatters who are sending shivers down the spines of owners and customers alike.

A golden light orb moves across the screen during the footage, which was taken near the building’s entrance.

It is believed spirits of two priests buried at the site may have been disturbed by drinkers revelling in the former church, sending them on an adventurous exploration of their former place of worship.

The church, in the heart of Yorkshire City’s student area, was transformed into a nightclub before becoming the popular restaurant.

Get Baked owner Marcus Levin said: “It was like an orb of light moving across the screen. It really freaked me out.”

Mr Levin discovered the creepy nocturnal activity when he spotted letters on a noticeboard had been moved around.

He added: “I checked over the CCTV and it stopped at bang on 3am. As I was watching it I could see a really distinctive bit of light and thought ‘what’s that?’

“It’s like an orb of light coming from the side of the building, it stops waiting and you can see a human being walk across.

“My first reaction was ‘what the hell’!”

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