Music of Anything Ghost and Lex Wahl

Lex has been a musician since he was thirteen. He taught himself guitar, bass and piano; played in several bands; and studied classical piano in college. The latter part may explain the style of music Lex adheres to when creating compositions for the Anything Ghost Show.

Part of the idea behind Anything Ghost is to enhance the experience with Lex’s original background music and effects. From time to time, you may find that Lex breaks up the show with a full piece of his music. After several years of doing this, Lex decided to make his music available for purchase online. Links to these albums /singles can be found below.


cover170x170As Autumn Falls (released: 2013)
Includes music from various Anything Ghost episodes, as well as music Lex wrote for a film project that the director never took to completion—it was a good movie, too!





Music from the Anything Ghost Podcast (released: 2008)
The first album from Anything Ghost, it includes music from the older podcasts such as the original (shorter) theme of Anything Ghost, as well as a piece of music Lex wrote for his favorite podcast, “Haunted New Jersey.” The album also includes a very popular song, “Sun Downer” (which has been used on television); As well as another popular song, “The Cold, the Fear, the Surrender.” Solid.



cover170x170-2Anything Ghost II (released: 2011)
This is the second album of Anything Ghost music. This album includes the extended/revised version of the Anything Ghost Theme (currently heard at the beginning and end of each episode), some music that was written for the music breaks, as well as some songs written specifically for this album. The album ends with the short, creepy, but well-loved song, “I’m Done.