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Anything Ghost #280 – The Cedar Rapids Library Ghost, Haunted House in New York, Haunted Apartment Ghost and Other True Stories!<---listen

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The Cedar Rapids Library Ghost, Haunted House in New York, Haunted Apartment Ghost and Other True Stories! Kevin from Spirits of the Poorhouse Podcast – Guest Bedroom Haunting Emily (US) – The Haunted Apartment Ghost The Cedar Rapids Library Ghost (1962) Yolanda (Anaheim, California) – Knocking in My Closet Jessie (Canada) – Ghost in My […]

Anything Ghost Show #279 – The Bowling Alley Ghost of Lane Number One, a Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, a Creepy Haunted House in Indiana, and Other True Ghost Stories.<---listen

Anything Ghost episode #279 artwork

Lesly (South Hampton, UK) – 1930s Bungalow Renovations Daffodil Don: The Bowling Alley Ghost (Puyallup, Washington) Karen (San Fernando Valley, California) – Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum in Las Vegas Robert (Indiana, US) – Haunted House in Rochester, Indiana Stephanie (North Carolina, US) – Experiences at Grandma’s House1. Stephanie’s EVP2. Stephanie’s Footstep recording. Sponsors for Anything […]

Anything Ghost Show #278 – A True Ghost Story from the U.K., the Headless Ghosts of Estill, Tennessee, a Popular Story from the Anything Ghost Archive, and More!<---listen

Lauren (UK) – A Strange Occurrence on the Stairs Nellie (Minnesota, US) – Saltwater Out of the Tap in a Captain’s Old Room The Noisy Apartment Ghost on Arlington Street – Dubuque, Iowa (1949) Headless Ghosts of the Railway Cut in Estill Springs, Tennessee (1905) Eric (Utah, US) – Confessions of a Fixer Sponsors for […]

Anything Ghost Show #277 – The Unhappy Child Ghost at the Van Wickle House, a Haunted Hotel in India, the Haunted Truck, and other True Ghost Stories!<---listen

The Unhappy Child Ghost at the Van Wickle House (New Jersey, US) Kelly (New York, US) – Say “Goodbye” Laura (Huntsville, Alabama) – Nighttime Visitor Katlyn (Maine, US) – New Hampshire Ghost Stories Swayam (Mumbai, India)- A Haunting at a Hilltop Hotel Lee (Delaware) – Haunted Truck Sponsors for Anything Ghost: HelloFresh (use the code […]

Anything Ghost Show #276 – The Fifteenth Anniversary – Ghosts in Gettysburg, Possessed Necklace, Haunted Theater in London and More True Stories!<---listen

Anything Ghost #276

Bob (Maine, US) – Footsteps On the Staircase Pamela (Pennsylvania, US) – Ghosts in Gettysburg Tristen (Texas, US) – Possessed Necklace Sophie (Texas, US) – The Ghost House in Freeport, Texas Jessie (Canada) – George and Other Ghosts in My Room Alison (Ohio, US) – Country GhostSong: Winter’s Night Danse-Macabre – by Lex Wahl Ghosts […]