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Anything Ghost Show #261 <---Listen

Sandra (U.S.) – Haunted Manufactured House Brad (South Carolina, U.S.) – Cabin 8 Denise (Texas, US) – My Ghostly Visitor Sully (North Carolina, U.S.) – Thanksgiving Night Camee and Cara (Ohio) – Small Town Ohio Ghosts Mimi (Seattle, Washington) – Dream Sister Story Maureen (US) – My Friend Vincent Price Megan (Michigan, U.S.) – Haunted […]

Anything Ghost Show #260 <---Listen

Anything Ghost Show #260

Taylor (North Carolina, US) – The House on Walnut Street Matthew (U.S.) – Mother’s Stay Izzy (Australia) – The Ghost in the Cabin Tina (Florida, U.S.) – Christmas Visitor Jennifer (U.S.) – Ghost Towns Dave (Salt Lake City, Utah) – My Mother Could See the Other Side Rebecca (Switzerland) – Ghost Experiences at My Relatives’ […]

Anything Ghost Show #259 <---Listen

Shannon (Layton, Utah) from June 2016 – Home for Troubled Teens Kellie (Vermont, U.S.) – Dinner Guest Autumn (New York , U.S.) – Lady in My DoorwaySoundbite – Teddy (US)  Pla (Blaine, Minnesota) – Unknown Sounds Marie (Brewster, Massachusetts) – Spirits in the Petroglyphs Jennifer (Central Illinois, U.S.) – The Farmer’s Wife Play in […]

Anything Ghost Show #258 <---Listen

1. Alta (Philippines) – Philippine Church Tomb Ghost2. Jesse (Pewaukee, Wisconsin) – Dad’s Ghost Visits Our Daughter3. Julene (Halifax, Nova Scotia) – The Home I Grew Up In4. Valerie (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) – It was Next to My Bed5. CG (Idaho, US) – North Idaho Haunting6. Lisa (Chicago, Illinois) – Ghost in the House7. Terice (Australia) […]

Anything Ghost Show #257 <---Listen

Anything Ghost Show #257

It all begins with a cameo intro by renowned horror film actress, Brinke Stevens. 1. Amanda (Thomasville, North Carolina) – The Ghosts in Our Home2. Alana (Wisconsin, U.S.) – Grandpa’s Ghost3. Amanda (U.S.) – Lucid Dream Warning4. Diana (Frisco, Texas) – A Darkness in Our Colorado House5. Vaughnelle (Niobrara, Nebraska) – Lady in White Ghost6. […]