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Anything Ghost Show #257

It all begins with a cameo intro by renowned horror film actress, Brinke Stevens. 1. Amanda (Thomasville, North Carolina) – The Ghosts in Our Home2. Alana (Wisconsin, U.S.) – Grandpa’s Ghost3. Amanda (U.S.) – Lucid Dream Warning4. Diana (Frisco, Texas) – A Darkness in Our Colorado House5. Vaughnelle (Niobrara, Nebraska) – Lady in White Ghost6. […]

Anything Ghost Show #256 <---Listen

1. Jane (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) – A Cockatoo with Attitude2. Bethany (Phoenix, Arizona) – Footsteps in the Night3. Deanna (Claremore, Oklahoma) – No More Ouija Boards4. Karen (Sylmar, California) – Not Allowed Anywhere5. Jolie (Seattle, Washington) – Old Farmhouse Shadow Figure6. Tim (Spring, Texas) – The Spirits at Spring High School7. Emily (UK) – Haunted CourthouseBreak:Summer […]

Anything Ghost Show #255 <---Listen

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1. Brenda (California, US) – What My Son Saw2. Kellie (Toledo, Ohio) – Red Birds • Teddy (Tennessee, US) – Listener Hello3. Joshua (Kentucky, US) – Little Brother’s Keeper• Sound Bite from The Changeling (1980)4. Eli (Philippines) – Something’s Up On the 3rd & 4th Floors5. Justin (California, US) – Stickman Visits6. T.D. (Manteo, North […]

Anything Ghost Show #254 <---Listen

Anything Ghost Episode #254

Story from the Anything Ghost Archive Jerel (Chicago, IL) – “I’m Just Trying to Leave!” Jen (US) – Monkey Cat Minnie (New York, US) – Smokey the Cat’s Ghost Andrew (U.K.) – The Ghost of Gladstone Villa The Anything Ghost VIP Ghroup: A one time $27 membership fee will give you access to the complete […]

Anything Ghost Show #253 <---Listen

Anything Ghost Show #253December 25, 2018 Mike (South Carolina) – Snapping in the Night Oliver (St. Petersburg, Florida) – Electric Spirit Cheyenne (San Antonio, Texas) – Tiffany Ann (NJ, US) – Thank You Very Much! Anna (Midwest, U.S.) – Haunted Institution Candice (Perth, Australia) – Aunt’s SpiritSong Break: I Saw Three Ghost Ships (on Christmas […]