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Anything Ghost Show #276 – The Fifteenth Anniversary – Ghosts in Gettysburg, Possessed Necklace, Haunted Theater in London and More True Stories!<---listen

Anything Ghost #276

Bob (Maine, US) – Footsteps On the Staircase Pamela (Pennsylvania, US) – Ghosts in Gettysburg Tristen (Texas, US) – Possessed Necklace Sophie (Texas, US) – The Ghost House in Freeport, Texas Jessie (Canada) – George and Other Ghosts in My Room Alison (Ohio, US) – Country GhostSong: Winter’s Night Danse-Macabre – by Lex Wahl Ghosts […]

Anything Ghost Show #274 True Ghost Stories from the U.K. and U.S.<---listen

Annie (Yorkshire, UK) – Garden House – Episode 148 in January 2012 Louie (UK) – The Haunted Hairdresser Liz (Florida, US) – It Was Bobbing From Behind a Tree Brooklyn, NY – John Yates’ Ghost (1889) Emily (Lakewood, Washington) – Lunchroom Ghost Marion, Indiana – Railroad Crossing Ghost (1908) Troy (Seattle, Washington) – Great Aunt […]

Anything Ghost Show #273 (Part Two): The 2020 Mega-Macabre Halloween Special<---listen

2020 Halloween Episode part two image

Sylvia (Anthony, New Mexico) – Haunted High School> Hello – Cooper (Jackson Hole, Wyoming) Alta (Philippines) – School Restroom Ghost Isabella (Minnesota, US) – Mysterious Whistle> Hello – Eric (Cincinnati, Ohio) Alice (US) – My Haunted House Cheryl (Ohio, US) – My Beloved Sister> Hello – Gonçalo (Portugal) Brian (Vancouver, BC) – The Almost Ghost> […]