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Haunted Apartment (AKA Laura’s Doppelgänger):
After having trouble living with friends, Laura found a New York apartment where she could live by herself. Immediately after moving in, she began to feel differently: she became depressed and it worsened; she began to hear a voice in her head telling her to do things—and she noticed a strange smell and a mold growing around the apartment. Then, a little neighborhood girl told her that she looked “just like the lady who used to live at that apartment.” After hearing that, Laura did some research on that person…(episode #42)

Lee’s Haunted Truck
Told with a lot of personality and humor, Lee’s Haunted Truck story was about when Lee was being paid to tow an old big rig from Louisiana to another state. Upon his arrival, he met the widow of the truck’s owner, and from that point on, strange things happened while he attempted to tow the old rig across several states…(episode #93)

The Fixer
This was a very popular Anything Ghost story that was told with a sincerity and passion that can’t be paralleled. It began at an office situated above a hospital emergency room. The office was a paging company for doctors, and the story was told by the floor manager of the business. It involved an employee who, on a particularly busy day, asked to go home (saying he wasn’t feeling well). The manager asked the the employee to please stick it out because he was needed. Feeling ill, and not happy at all, the employee managed to finish the work day. But that night, a strange phone call awoke the manager at his home. Shortly afterward, he received some sad news—and the creepiness was just getting started…(episode #174)

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