Anything Ghost is a podcast (audio show) where the host, Lex Wahl, shares listener submitted personal paranormal experiences (ghost stories). Lex then adds his original background music and effects to enhance to the creepiness of the listening experience.

Anything Ghost was the first of the personal-ghost-story audio shows when it hit the podcast scene in January of 2006—and it hasn’t stopped since. Over the years, Anything Ghost has developed a large dedicated audience…an audience for which, Anything Ghost takes full responsibility for the bedside lamp that’s left on.

The Host Lex Wahl

The Host Lex Wahl (Yes, this is an old picture—but I don’t want to scare you…err, wait…)

Join the mass of ghost story lovers, and jump right into listening to ghost stories from around the world Anything Ghost styleAnd if you find yourself wanting more than the 10 shows that are available for free, look into joining the V.I.P. Ghroup: a one-time $30 membership fee will give you access to the complete archives of Anything Ghost—dating back to that first show in January of 2006.